January 29, 2011

Get Rid of Unwanted Solicitation in Five Minutes or Less

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The advertising kind, I mean.  Advertising invades every nook and cranny of our existence, but you can draw the line at your doorstep with three tips which take five minutes and don't even require you to leave home.
1. Reduce telemarketing calls:  Get your name on the National Do Not Call List by entering your phone number online here.  It takes less than 30 seconds.  There are exceptions, but most telemarketers are prohibited from calling those on the list, or else face stiff fines from the CRTC.

2. Cut out junk mail:  Canada Post will not deliver unaddressed junk mail to homes which place a sign inside their mailbox saying "no junk mail", "no flyers" or something along those lines.  Unfortunately, Canada Post is still obliged to deliver addressed junk mail.  However, you can register online with the Canadian Marketing Association's Do Not Contact List (again, it takes about 30 seconds) and CMA members will stop sending you their junk.

3. Get rid of bulky phonebooks:  Who needs them when a phone number is just a click away?  Save a tree or two and a trip to the recycling bin by opting out of phone book delivery, again through a handy online form from the Yellow Pages Group.  

While these tips won't completely banish all unwanted advertising, they should significantly reduce the amount which finds its way into your home.  Not bad for five minutes, right?