May 5, 2011

Avoid Court Costs with Free (and Low Cost) Online Mediation

On, David Bilinsky writes about two new mediation pilot projects in British Columbia; one for family law matters and one for civil matters where the contested amount is relatively low.

What makes these projects unique is that they will use internet technology, including web-cams to conduct the mediations online.  This will make it easier for parties who are separated geographically to achieve an inexpensive and timely resolution to their legal problems, since online mediations avoid travel costs and scheduling delays.  Because the programs are in their pilot phase, family law parties will be charged on a sliding scale based on income, while civil law parties can participate for free.

To find out if you qualify for either of the pilot programs, visit Mr. Bilinsky's post as well as the MediateBC website.


  1. definitely a good idea... the travel costs in fighting these things out sometimes makes it not even worth it

  2. Completely agree Ron, this was a brilliant idea. Frankly, I'm surprised it wasn't implemented earlier. It is something that is essential as technology continues to improve.


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