May 5, 2009

What's Your Legal Conundrum?

Do you ever watch legal dramas on television or at the movies, and wonder whether the outcome in U.S. courts would be the same here in Canada? Have you read about a court decision in the newspaper where the result just puzzled you? Or maybe you've just thought about a weird situation and wondered what the legal ramifications might be. Of course, I can't give you legal advice on your particular situation - you would need to see a real, live lawyer for that, but if you type in your hypothetical legal question in the comments, I'll try to answer it.

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  1. Here's a quirky hypothetical question:

    Let's say there is a case where there was a victim that lost a lot of money to a con artist(To add to the drama they were good friends). The victim obtained a ton of evidence such as e-mail communications to show that the con artist pre-mediated the whole scheme to rip him off and amazingly how he was going to cover his tracks if anyone took him to court.

    In the actual trial, the judge was an elderly individual who was borderline incompetent in being able to interpret e-mails properly and this was not known to the victim. Example, many people would know that writing all letters in capitals represents shouting whereas this judge thought the writer was just making the e-mail easier to read with bigger fonts (despite being told otherwise too).

    As well, the judge has a personal bias about issues, let's say a political view. Then, let's say this con artist fully recognizes this and starts to plan a scheme with some accomplices on how to take advantage this to manipulate the judge emotionally as well to help side with him. Fake witnesses, fabricated stories to hopefully get the judge to bite, etc.

    The result, the judge ignored a lot of evidence too and the victim lost. As well, the victim could not afford the legal process to continue. However, later down the road the victim obtains online communication and documentation of the con artist bragging about how he manipulated and took advantage of the judge and got away with it all.

    So unfortunately for the victim he/she discovered this way later down the road. Still, the victim can't afford the court process and the time limit to take action is too late.

    So with all these twists and turns, what would be the hypothetical happy ending outcome be for the victim in terms of the law if there is anything? I know in TV shows the bad guy would probably go to jail or something or the judge getting disciplined, but I'm guessing it doesn't work that way in real life.

    How's that for a tricky one? :)


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