April 1, 2009

More Accountability...(May be) Coming Soon to a Strata Council Near You

On March 27, 2009 the B.C. government introduced a bill amending the Strata Property Act to increase strata council accountability and make it easier for strata owners to resolve their disputes. Unfortunately, the legislature adjourned yesterday and so the bill is set to die on the order paper, possibly to be revived after the next election. This is too bad, since the amendments offered some very valuable changes to the cumbersome and gap-filled provisions currently in the Act. The proposed changes include:

  • Mediation and arbitration provisions to avoid having to go to court for relief against the strata corporation;

  • Allowing strata owners to bring their claims in Small Claims Court, where its easier to represent yourself, rather than in the B.C. Supreme Court as the Act currently requires;

  • Rules for strata counsel members who are in a conflict of interest;

  • Enabling owners to force the strata council to call a meeting for the purpose of hearing the owner's complaint;

  • Making more strata records available to owners and tenants upon request; and

  • Increasing the strata council's financial accountability though more rules and better disclosure.

No matter who is elected in May, let's hope that the legislature passes these long awaited changes to the Act so that strata owners have better corporate governance over their own homes.

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