April 8, 2009

Free Advice From a Lawyer Over the Phone

Recent cuts to the Legal Services Society (LSS) have meant that fewer people qualify for legal aid. One alternative still provided by LSS is LawLINE "a free phone service of the Legal Services Society (LSS) designed to help people who don't qualify for a legal aid lawyer to represent them. LawLINE provides legal advice and information to people who qualify financially and have a legal issue" that LawLINE covers. LawLINE actually covers quite a bit:

Debtors' assistance
Bill disputes
Credit card debts
Debt collection
Loans, including student loans
Tax debt and related issues

Employment law issues
Employment insurance
Family law issues
Child and spousal support
Child protection
Property division

Health, estates law, and seniors' issues
Adult guardianship
Estate administration
Intestacy (where a deceased person has not left a will or a valid will)
Long-term care
Patients' rights
Powers of attorney
Probate / letters of administration

Housing law related issues
BC Housing
Co-op disputes
Disputes on reserve
Residential tenancy
Strata matters where you may lose your housing

Income security law related issues
Child tax & disability benefits
Canada Pension Plan / Old Age Security / pensions
Victim assistance disputes

LawLINE does not cover:

buying or selling a home (conveyancing matters)
consumer rights
criminal law matters
defamation claims
human rights
immigration and refugee matters
incorporating a company or shareholder disputes
medical malpractice claims
neighbour disputes
pardon for a criminal conviction
personal injury claims
property tax assessment disputes
representation in court or other hearings
veterans benefits
workers’ compensation claims

After the initial screening, LawLINE will transfer the caller to a lawyer or paralegal to provide legal advice. While services are conducted in English, interpreters can be arranged. Callers can also access recorded messages about LSS services in six languages: Cantonese, English, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Spanish.

To contact LawLINE, please call the Legal Services Society at:

604-408-2172 (in the Lower Mainland)
1-866-577-2525 (no charge, outside the Lower Mainland)
9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Wednesday)


  1. I recently filed for a review in child support after 6 years, the amount was calculated based on the information recived on both our income and he disagreed and as such retained a lawyer to fight the case, now his lawyer is requesting my documents do I have the option to not rsepound but just go to the courts on the day they set with all my financial documents which the courts had already requested for both of us to bring.

  2. I will have to give you a call. I have been thinking about hiring a criminal lawyer for a while now. I don't want to talk about it too much here, but I really feel like I have been wronged. Hopefully when some of my business trips finish up I can give you a call. Thanks for all of the information on your great article!

  3. Hi I am working here in Canada for almost 5 years. I just gonna ask about my problem. I have a boyfriend for almost 3 years. We broke up last 2 months ago. Because I found out tha he has another girlfriend. He lie to me. My problem is he's girlfriend she make the Facebook under my name and together with my picture, and the picture that she put doing a blow job in my x bf. I did not know that my x bf he has the picture of that. My concern is do I have right to file the case for them. They do harrasment for me and I want to give the lesson to my x bf. That his doing bad for me, I'm not do anything for them. I just want to take out my picture to clear my name. I talk to them in annice way but still they are telling me the bad words. And besides I im waiting for my permanent resident. I'm scared to effect my papers. Thanks and please help me.

  4. In 2008 i was locked up in san diego county jail, and i was physically attacted by a whole unit of inmates(another words, i was jumped and beat up) in the process two of the inmates attacking me stretched me out then another heavy set man jumped and stomped on my back. I had to crawl and try to escape to get out. I call the sheriff which took 30 mins for them to come help me. when i informed them of the injuryies and the incident, deputys took pictures of my bruses and sent me to the hospital. At the hopsital doctors and nurses said i was fine. believe me when i say, im far from fine. First of all i have reacurring nightmares, reliving the situation over and over in my dreams, and physically my back has not been the same since. There are days i wake up and i might bend wrong and my legs give out. I have to live with this nightmare and i want to know if their is any compensation for all of this, medically without it coming out of my pocket?


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