January 15, 2009

Help With Civil Chambers Applications

Have you been told that you need to appear in Chambers to make or oppose a court application? This type of court procedure generally isn't covered by legal aid, however a pilot project from Pro Bono BC called the Civil Chambers Pro Bono Duty Counsel Project may be able to help. I volunteered for this project last year, and I can tell you that it is very well organized and helpful.

Every Wednesday, a volunteer civil litigation lawyer from Vancouver acts as Duty Counsel and is available to provide advice and/or representation in Chambers hearings. The Duty Counsel lawyer meets with clients in an office in the Courthouse Library at 800 Smithe Street, next to the photocopy room.

If you would like the Duty Counsel lawyer to represent you during your hearing, you may want to arrange for your application to be heard on a Wednesday (the court registry can give you more information about scheduling hearings). If you are opposing an application, ask the other side (or their lawyer) to set the hearing down for a Wednesday.

Appointments are required and can be made by calling (604) 603-5797.

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